SICAV account administration and contact details changes update


We announced to Invesco Funds shareholders in March that we’re moving our account administration and our contact centre services from International Financial Data Services (Luxembourg) SA (“IFDS”) to The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Luxembourg Branch (“BNYM”).

As of 3 May 2021, this move has taken place and BNYM now act as Registrar and Transfer Agent (as defined in the Prospectus of Invesco Funds). This page contains a summary of key changes now that the move has completed and includes copies of correspondence we sent to agents and investors about the move.

Are the investments impacted?

There is no change to the way our funds are managed, our investment teams or their location.

New account number(s) and agent code

If you are an existing investor, you now have a new account number for every account you hold with us from 3 May 2021. This will typically be a new 8-digit account number for each account that you hold with us.

If you are an existing agent, your current agent code has now been replaced with a new agent code on 3 May 2021. Your codes are between 6-8 digits long.

We wrote directly to investors earlier this year with their new account number(s). We also wrote to agents with their new broker code and their clients’ new account number(s). Please keep this information for your records because you need to use it now that the move has taken pace.

New address for instructions and correspondence

Now that the move to BNYM has completed, please make sure you send any instructions and all other correspondence in relation to Invesco Funds to:

Invesco Transfer Agency
c/o The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV
Luxembourg branch
BP 648
L-2016 Luxembourg

Note that our local Invesco office addresses (for example our office in Hong Kong) will not be changing as a result of the move to BNYM.

Updated contact details

See below for our contact details to use if you are based outside of Asia-Pacific (“APAC”):

  • For private investors our telephone number is still +353 1439 8100
  • For all investors our fax number is now +352 24 52 4312
  • For private investors our email address is

If you are a corporate investor or agent we have communicated some dedicated contact details to you to use from 3 May 2021 – these can be found in the relevant letters and leaflets attached to this page.

Updated contact details for APAC clients and agents

See below for our contact details to use if you are based in Asia-Pacific (“APAC”) (excluding Taiwan):

  • Our toll-free telephone number is now +852 2840 6622
  • Our toll-free fax number is now +852 800 930 112
  • Our email address is now

If you are based in Taiwan, we have communicated with you directly to inform you of the contact details you should use for Invesco Funds from 3 May 2021 onwards.

Electronic Trading Information

If you currently trade electronically please see this flyer for further information about Straight-Through Processing (“STP”) dealing now that the move to BNYM has completed. This information is not relevant to Private Investors.

Settlement Bank Account Details

Note that our settlement bank account details have not changed as a result of the migration to BNYM. Our settlement bank account details can be found in the Invesco Funds Application form, which can be found in the Literature section of our website. This information is not relevant to Private Investors.

Correspondence you receive from us

Your new investor account number(s) will be displayed in the correspondence that you receive from us, such as statements. Our new contact details will also be shown on correspondence you receive from us.

Further information

Please refer to the documents attached to this page for further information about the move. The latest Invesco Funds Prospectus has been available on our website since 10 March 2021 and can be found here.