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This website is for use by clients that need access to legal documentation and corporate policies that support the funds in our Cross Border fund range that are regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, Luxembourg. If you wish to make an investment please contact your local sales representative. View full list of regional websites.


SICAV account administration and contact details changes update

We announced to Invesco Funds shareholders in March that we were planning to move our account administration and our contact centre services from International Financial Data Services (Luxembourg) SA (“IFDS”) to The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Luxembourg Branch (“BNYM”). This move took place on 3 May 2021 as planned.

View more information now that the move to BNYM has completed


Libor transition

The London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is one of the most commonly used interest rate benchmarks in global financial markets. A major transition is currently underway across the financial industry to switch from LIBOR, to alternative reference rates (ARRs) as a priority. The publication of LIBOR is expected to cease by the end of 2021.

Visit the dedicated Invesco LIBOR pages for more information*

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EMT costs and charges

Costs and charges for our Luxembourg domiciled funds that you may require under MiFID II.

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Investor Complaint Handling Information Notice

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Invesco Asian Equity Fund - portfolio disclosure

The investment team for this fund have agreed to disclose full portfolio details.

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Oppenheimer Funds ICAV

UK reporting fund status report to investors - Reporting Period End 30 September 2019


Invesco Sustainable Pan European Structured Equity Fund / Invesco Global Structured Equity Fund

The investment team for Invesco Sustainable Pan European Structured Equity Fund have agreed to disclose full portfolio details.

View details

A thoughtful combination of strict ESG criteria and parameters will be applied to the funds in April 2021.

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Schedule of non-dealing days

Download details


Implementation of FATCA and CRS rules at Invesco

Details about FATCA and CRS and how it may impact investors.

FATCA client Q&A

List of Global Intermediary Identification Numbers (GIIN) for our funds

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) client Q&A for our Luxembourg domiciled funds

Depositary Sub-Delegates

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Remuneration Policy of the Management Company

View details


Invesco Group Sustainability Risk Policy

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Principal Adverse Impact statement

View the June 2021 Statement


Shareholder Engagement and proxy voting policy

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Invesco’s Disclosure for the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II) and the EFAMA Stewardship Code


Proxy voting

You can find voting records for the Invesco Funds SICAV at the following link. Kindly note that not all share classes are suitable for all investors and investors should ensure that they comply with the restrictions applicable to the share classes as disclosed in the relevant legal documentation of the fund. Availability of a share class could vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To obtain further information on the availability of share classes in your jurisdiction, please refer to the appropriate internet site or your local Invesco office.


View the Invesco controversial weapons policy.